Tuesday, 28 August 2012


A huge thank-you to www.mytravelmoney.co.uk who saw fit to award this travel blog the gold medal/No1 ranking in their Top 10 European Travel Blogs listing. I’m chuffed and honoured. Here’s what they wrote:
“Tom Sweeney is an award-winning travel writer who’s read by travel enthusiasts and industry experts alike, having been named Travel Extra/Northern Ireland Tourist Board Travel Journalist of the Year 2011 (2012). He specialises in covering the length and breadth of Europe, from the likes of Edinburgh and London to Turkey and Estonia. Occasionally he comments on issues concerning far-flung places like the Caribbean, but Europe is really his forte and, we’re guessing, his first love. We love the way in which we can keep up-to-date with his travel-related tips and thoughts via his incredibly easy-to-navigate blog which is as lively as it is well-written. We can’t wait to read Tom’s next post, and that why he’s our number one.”
The silver medal winner was Europe a la Carte and bronze went to Euro Travel Blog. In places four to 10 were Dream Euro Trip, Auto Europe, City Breaks Guide, Travel Like A Brit, Wicked Campers, Savage Europe and Susan 23 On The Road.